SO Long So Branding

We asked...

So branding'll stand out!

just how
is our own

So branding question Dug deep
Questioned & Tested
Brande Trash Brande Trash Everything Brande ruler Challanged Branding better

so we changed our name to...


We wanted to do for ourselves, what we’ve done for so many - to create a platform that truly represents who we are, what we do, how we do it - from a completely blank canvas...

With an aim to inspire you with empowered branding, graphic design and stategy to skyrocket your marketing...

without limitations

whoever you are,
whatever you do,
whatever you need

the theory

A successful brand is entirely about its emotional selling point, we buy on emotion, we buy people, we buy things that attract us, things we love, things we trust


We wanted a name and identity that was bold, unique, demonstrative, recognisable, iconic, but above all - simple and versatile

And a strapline that can afford to be completely emotive

the practice

to show

to grow

Brande show

you how

fresh brands

Brande love

the longest journey
a person must take
is the 15 inches from
their head to their
heart ancient chinese proverb

give them a lift...

Brande ruler

the call to action

We’re not suggesting you should be so radical to change your name, for us it felt right - but we’d welcome you to ask the same questions we did, if there’s a no to any of them, we’ll happily make it a yes

01454 327 557