Identities, straplines & stationery

Play Cubed

Identities, straplines & stationery for Play Cubed
  • Client: Play Cubed
  • Location: Kent
  • Inclusions:
  • Parent Identity
  • Straplines
  • Branding
  • Stationery
  • Company Profile
  • Catalogue
  • Static Website

An existing Company developing their expertise for playground equipment to a new market, Play Cubed came to us for a unique, vibrant, fun yet professional image to storm the education sector and displace the competition.

Everything grew from the market research and appreciating the targets typical buying criteria - a consistent angle became integral to the corporate image relevant to the architectural plans they’d present whilst being ‘different’ because they are. Vibrant corporate colours and used for their 3 primary ranges, this became a simple and versatile Corporate Style to grow.