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The ‘down and dirty’ side of marketing that has to be aggressive to get a foothold. Ads, direct mail and e-mailers can’t miss a beat with their impact and we’ve developed some tried and tested formulas that all make for stronger visibility, effect and reaction.

Ad’s, just as e-mailers and exhibitions have a two-fold purpose, to create a spike in your sales and to get your brand in the markets eye once again. to achieve results, they should always be embraced as a campaign over a period of time, tested on their

campaign trail and measured to understand what worked and what didn’t.

Direct mail has a fraction more time to get noticed but has the same two-fold purpose and can be more involved than ads or emailers, but there’s the print and postage costs to bare also. We recommend direct mail has more presence because of this with the aim for better returns, such as a periodic newsletter, discount or mini-brochure but should still be to a schedule.