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We believe there isn’t a right or wrong in branding, just stronger or weaker. Through diversity and success across many brand reviews, across many industries - we’ve developed the BRANDE strategy to ensure a brand is as strong as it can be, using our tried and tested formulas irrespective of the size, objective, target, industry or offering.

Whilst our review recipe is consistent, the result is always unique and will define your emotional selling point, your brand character, values, the reasons to choose your brand over the infinite choice available.

Make no mistake, we’re in the brand-age and with so much information available to us immediately, we revert to the choice of ‘love’ over ‘logic’ (‘like’ just isn’t enough anymore), the aspirational or added value brands we’re drawn to visually.

brande definition

A wildly abused and misused word to add cheap credibility and perceived elevated value to a business or product without real understanding. Branding isn’t a logo, it isn’t marketing collateral, it’s not even the product or service, it’s...

brand (braend) noun -
the entire emotional
customer experience
and perception

Everything that ‘touches’ the customer and empowers their subconscious, do they engage with your visual presence, do they perceive you’re aspirational and provide value, is their ultimate experience perception a...

WO or


To deliver your ultimate brand, there’s as
much strength in the research, testing,
strategy, market evaluation, feedback,
history and ‘end game’ as there is in the
ultimate ‘look’.

This is the ‘architecture’, the planning and
questioning of every essential facet of your
corporate style, model and marketing mix.
What stays, what needs to change, what are
the weaknesses, can it be clearer, is the positioning accurate,
what have been the highs/lows in customer feedback, who else is doing what...

As the architecture becomes clearer, we conceptualise initial ideas
as demonstration pieces such as stationery, brochure, web page etc.
and challenge them with you. With each stage, the brand becomes
stronger, tighter and empowered because the foundation is rock solid.



A brand falls in to 2 areas, any visual touch that customers encounter, the bit we get involved with such as the entire corporate image through to identity, strapline, websites, catalogues, photography etc. etc.

And the personal brand, all the experiences that customers encounter, the bit you influence such as the business model, the entire customer experience, quality of products, innovation, range etc. etc.

the journey

There’s a great deal of detail and caretaking throughout our formula, far beyond the above - and we’ve been on the journey with many many businesses, across diverse industries, each with very specific goals.

If you’re considering a review of your brand, we have the experience to ensure it’s:

achived efficiently to your scheduleto a budget that's both affordable and value driven

But must of all...

an empowered result that not only skyrockets your marketing, but makes all future material easier, quicker and lower cost to fulfill

Please have a look through our galleries by clicking ‘Portfolio’ at he top left of our home page We welcome all enquiries and are happy to talk you through a tailored journey to get your brand where you’d like it to be...without obligation of course.

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