Our who, what, why, where, will, won't, how, how much...

You may have noticed our website isn’t like other design agencies. We aren’t going to waste your time telling you how wacky and crazy we are - it’s not all me, me, me. We’ll leave you to decide where you’d rather put your trust, and we do take what we do seriously because we love it so much. So our site is more geared up around you, you, you, and whatever your project, vision or direction you want to take your brand, talk to us in complete confidence and we’ll work with you to achieve it.

We listen to our clients, after all you know more about your industry than we do. We are deeply passionate about our work, regardless of the product or service we are helping to market. Working with some exceptional business

owners and marketeers, they have grown to appreciate the value we add to their vision. We strive to exceed their expectations creatively, on time and within budget, again and again.

We will continue to evolve our working practice across all areas. Any opportunities that we recognise to improve our relationships, ability and service will be fine tuned to continually define what we (and our customers) deem to be the perfect working model for a creative agency.

We think we're different...
...but we're keen for you to be the judge

branding design marketing strategy

Working with you to create effective,
engaging, innovative and provocative
marketing, whoever the target, whatever
the medium, from a ‘real world’ agency that

on brand on budget on time


We’re based in the South West and welcome client to our studios, a chance to meet the team and brainstorm over your favourite beverage, but we enjoy relationships industry wide, nationwide and internationally also.

However, there’s no substitute to ‘face-to-face’ briefings/presentations where we achieve real value in understanding the goal. If you’d like to talk through your ideas and projects, as you can see from the client ‘scattering’ below, we’re happy to come to you also - wherever you are to ensure your project is the best it can be.

For who

We’ve developed the BRANDE strategy to ensure a brand is as strong as it can be through Branding, Creative, Artwork or Web. We haven’t worked in an industry yet when our model doesn’t excel and our strategy is consistent to all industries (B2B/B2C) whilst the result is always unique.

Our diverse experience to date includes:

  • accountancy services
  • commercial cleaning
  • construction
  • engineering
  • equestrian ware
  • footwear
  • furniture
  • giftware
  • heavy/light industrial
  • housing associations
  • ironmongery
  • joinery
  • kitchenware
  • landscape supplies
  • packaging
  • planters
  • property development
  • retail
  • safety supplies
  • service consultancies
  • automotive engineering
  • etc.


Any design resource will base it’s price on the estimated time they want or need.

We’re flexible with our relationships and appreciate sometimes customers purchasing criteria means they just can’t justify a full service investment.

Typically, on estimating any brief, we provide our recommendation for time:investment for the project. This is calculated from a great deal of experience based on the time we anticipate it would take to fulfill the project and assume you’d like to experience the BRANDE full service we’re renowned for.

However, being realists, we understand we must be competitive and we all have to sharpen our pencils from time to time. Sharpening the brief and/or reducing the time in any way possible without compromising the result guarantees we can work to your budget, not ours!

aiming to win on price,
winning on value

Brande values

BRANDE was created with a very clear brief in mind, to embrace a strong moral ethic and to provide a ‘best practice’ resource, whatever the project. This has defined our mantra:

affordable,approachable,efficient,highly creative

Brande vision

To secure strong, lasting relationships with all our clients and help them to succeed and exceed their expectations, not their budget.

We won't

CHARGE YOU FOR CONSULTANCY: It costs you nothing to talk to us about your aspirations. If you like what you see here and feel inspired by our passion and commitment, please contact us without obligation and we’ll give you a completely impartial view of your best way forward.

RETAIN COPYRIGHT: We don’t retain copyright of images, design, artwork or logos. When the project is complete and paid for, all ownership is transferred to you, the client. There are no additional release fees for artwork to you unless additional work is required and agreed by you.

CHARGE SOMETHING FOR NOTHING: The old adage ‘an honest day’s work’ sits well with us. We don’t ask for anything we don’t feel is justified or you haven’t agreed to.

HIDE COSTS: An agreed budget at the start of a brief is what we will invoice. If the brief changes or evolves during the process, you will be advised before any extra costs are incurred.

We will

LISTEN: Your input is invaluable to any project and we want to hear your ideas. Whether you know exactly what you want, or you know what you want to achieve, but don’t know how to go about it. We’ll provide the strategic and creative solution that works.

BE RESPECTFUL: Every client has challenges, and we want to help you solve them. We are always respectful of you, your business and project at all times. We treat suppliers and clients with the same respect because we enjoy working with like-minded people.

BE TRANSPARENT: We are always approachable and available. We will always work to the pre-agreed budget and will inform you of any potentially additional costs in advance. Major projects will have a comprehensive breakdown of cost areas.

BE PROFESSIONAL: Any information shared with us is bound by our Non Disclosure Agreement. Sensitive information shared with us stays with us.

ALWAYS OFFER YOU THE VERY BEST WE CAN: We always strive to provide you with the best strategic, creative, and administrative service possible, regardless of budget.